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The P238® Sports 12 it’s just a fraction of the size of Sig Sauer's full-size pistols. A smart looking, small handgun built with the same accuracy and reliability as large frame SIG SAUER pistols. With an overall length of just 5.5 inches a height of 3.96 inches, the SIG SAUER P238 is the ultimate firepower in an all metal frame concealed pistol. The P238 Sports 12 is built on an all stainless beavertail style frame with Hogue grips for comfort and a secure hold during rapid-fire usage. The stainless steel slide features the popular trademarked SIG SAUER slide serrations, Hogue grips, and SIGLITE® Night Sights.

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Caliber 380 ACP
    All verified reviews by owners

    P238 Si Sauer

    RAY - Louisville, KY
    " This is one of the best priced 380 I have seen. It shoots great very little recoil and the sights are the true glow which can be seen very good! I recommend this gun for anyone that has a CCDW. Very concealable for carrying! Holster is ok but but a good leather one you wont be sorry!! "

    A Beautiful Machine

    RON - Ellettsville, INDIANA
    " This is a beautiful machine in style very much a mini version of my larger 1911s. The trigger is a smooth, short pull 1911 type trigger, though at first it had a little grit to it, but that smoothed out quickly with use. The slide is easy to move, the safety is stiff to turn on, but, for me, comes off easily with a thumb swipe as it is brought up to aim. I like the Hogue rubber grips small pistols can be very difficult to hang on to and these grips really help it not slip in my hand I also prefer the extended magazine yes the wooden grips are pretty, but this is a save my life gun, so function should come first. The sights are much better than most guns this size, and glow nicely in the dark among other things this makes it easy to find on a nightstand. My first magazine through it was a nice small group for me from 7 yards, so I started out quite pleased. Since then I have had my share of larger groups, but Im sure that is me and not the gun such a short barrel does take more focus and control. I practice on targets, so hitting the bullseye is optimum and very satisfying, but Im pretty pleased with a 3 group, or even 5 after all, from a personal defense standpoint anyplace on an 8x11 page is hitting an attacker from 7 to 10 yards. Distances further than that I figure I should probably be getting away if possible instead of shooting. I havent had it long, but have fired about 150 rounds so far. Silver Bear, PMC, Browning, Armscor, all FMJs and all fired with no problems. Using Lehigh Defense Maximum Expansion for a defensive round. I see some reviews here mention feed problems, and I had one, but Im pretty sure I had my thumb too high, where it rubbed the slide and slowed down the action since then Ive kept clear of touching the slide while shooting and havent had an issue since--touching the slide is easy to do on any small gun. I really like it. "

    Sig P238 Sports 12

    KEN - Panama City, FL
    " Purchased June 25, 2014. Had problem with slide locking back on empty 7-round mag. Sig replaced immediately - problem solved. Had 4 FTF first 50 rounds, and intermittent problem feeding first hollow point round off top of magsjammed into feed ramp- especially Federal Hydra Shok. Next 150 rounds - 1 FTF. Next 100 rounds - all is good so far. Appears it needed about 200 rounds break in. "

    Poor reliability

    KEVIN - newburgh, IN
    " I had the P238 and P938 both had to be returned to factory for feed problems and the 938 had many light primer strikes, sold them both, junk "

    Almost Flawless Carry Gun

    GREG - Bardstown, KY
    " We have been trying for some time to find the right carry gun for my wife. She likes both my 9mm but they are just a little to big for her to carry. After looking and try a number of 380s I decided to move the budget up a notch and look at the P238. She aimed it, racked it and said buy it. We went straight to the range after buying it and she ran 50 rounds through it flawlessly. I ran another 50 through it today. Worked perfectly. I am very impressed with this gun. Weight and feel are excellent, very accurate for a little gun. Racks easy, great for a woman. The grip is nice, I wouldnt pay another $100 + for the fancier looking P238 grips - same gun. This 380 is well worth the difference in price over the Ruger, Bersa and Taurus. She likes my Kahr CW9, and probably would like their 380, but she wanted a thumb safety. Which on this gun functions so well that after a couple of mags, she could flip it off seamlessly while drawing. Best safety Ive used. KY Gun also has the best prices out there for this model Sig. Nice. "

    great gun

    JEFF - louisville, KY
    " Great little gun, it shoots smooth. No problems at all after first 200rd so far. Not one problem. Sights are bright and easy to pick up fast. Great pocket gun, or back up gun. "

    perfect carry gun

    AARON - Spokane, WA
    " got this for my wife after she had issues with most of the other small 380 pistols ejecting empties into her forehead. its a little heavier, & fits her hand perfectly, so she can control it better. very accurate for such a tiny pistol, trigger is still a bit gritty, but that will clean up with use, or with a dremel polishing wheel & buffing compound. Now I try to find reasons my Shield 9mm is too big so I can carry it... "

    poor performance

    SAM - charleston, SC
    " I purchased this p238 sport last week. I broke it in with 100 rounds of federal fmj. There were so many issues that I thought I had a bad box of ammo. Every magazine loaded had failures to extract, and the 7 round magazine never shot the last bullet and left the slide open. I cleaned the gun and returned to the range a second time with 50 rounds of Magtech fmc and 50 rounds of PMC fmj. There were the same issues once again with every magazine. I called Sig Sauer customer service and returned the gun to them yesterday for them to inspect and repair. They stated that it would take 4 to 6 weeks before I would get it back. This is the poorest performance I have ever had with a firearm. Hopefully the little Sig will be returned to me tuned and reliable enough to use with confidence. "

    Really Sweet Deal

    ZAIN - sherman, TEXAS
    " Pistol arrived so quickly, I was very surprised. The P238 sports is perfect. The size, weight, and ergonomics makes it practical for everyday conceal carry. I was carrying a Ruger LCP and was concerned that this would be to big and heavy but I cant even tell a difference I carry IWB. There are some things that I was displeased with. First, the pistol was shipped in a cardboard box, I thought it would ship in a hard case like all the other versions. Second, the holster included seems to be a pocket holster not a belt holster like the other versions. Third, there was no test fire casing in the box! For a new $500 firearm that should be in there. Lastly there is a small dent in my slide! its not a big deal but you would think Sig would make sure everything is perfect. None of these issue are KY Gun Companys fault. There customer service was great, shipping was fast, and the price was spot on! "

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