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KyGunCo Bowsmith

We are excited to add Bowsmithing services on site here at Ky Gun Co, including a full range of service, upgrades, and repair work! See below for a list of services offered and pricing.

Please send all bowsmith questions to info@kygunco.com or call 502-348-3594

Services Available:

Draw Weight $3.00
Mark Cams $3.00
Tiller (Check/Adjust) $5.00
Nock Set (Check/Adjust) $3.00
Center Shot (Check/Adjust) $5.00
Paper Tune $20.00
Install Peep $5.00
Install String Silencers $5.00
Install Sight (One Pin) $5.00
Install Rest $20.00
Install Quiver $5.00
Set-Up Broadheads $2.00
Replace Center Serve $20.00
Replace End Serve $20.00
Cut Arrow $1.00
Replace Insert $1.00
Replace Arrow Nock $1.00
Refletch Vanes $4.00
Refletch Feathers $5.00
Bow Tune $40.00
String Loop $10.00
Bow Set-Up $45.00
Bow Preventive Maintenance $40.00
New Strings and Cables $120.00
Replace String $15.00
Replace Cables $25.00
Timing Cams $25.00
Shooting Instructions (30 Min) $25.00
Module Replacement $10.00
Replace Cam $15.00
Shipping Charge $15.00
Set 3rd Axis $15.00
Misc Bowsmithing Charge $1.00